Maulana Azad Medical College
Batch of 1988

Name : Manoj Kapoor

Present Work Profile : Manoj was one of the youngest of our batch and one of the earliest to part. His boyish charm and his ever sparkling eyes attracted one and all to him in the very first meeting. At least that’s how it was with me when I met him in Patel Chest where we would make umpteen rounds waiting for our college to start. He was the chocolate boy of our batch who had to be picked for all fashion shows and was passionate as a batsman. I’m sure the amalgamation of this was his cover drive on stage in Siri Fort that no one will forget. He was a sport…. He did a cabaret ala Helen on “Mehbooba Mehbooba” with yours truly crooning it in front of the whole Class just when we had joined. He would be faux offended by our perpetual ribbing and chuffing but we knew …..he loved it. With a photographic memory, he would be our nemesis in recalling some detail given on some page in Snell or Ganong that we had long forgotten….and he would turn around and say that we were pulling a fast one on him by acting dumb. A passionate doctor….he paid the price for trying to save a small girl’s life when he attempted her resuscitation without any protection and contracted Hepatitis C which eventually claimed this bright spark from among us. So many misadventures….so many escapades can never be torn from our memory…..and so he lives even today….. albeit within our closed eyes.

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