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The time has now come for all of us to contribute towards the holding of our reunion in a spectacular fashion upholding the traditions of our college. Our senior batches have done an admirable job each successive years and... IT IS OUR TURN NOW.

Though many of us have not been able to participate in previous years due to time and/or distance constraints, this year it should be top priority for all of us batch mates as it is our Silver Jubilee year. This milestone obligates us to alter our schedules and make that long-distance journey, if so required, to fraternize with the men and women with whom we started our journey to be medical professionals as young boys and girls.

This being our Silver Jubilee year, an aggregation of our batch of this magnitude and nature is not going to happen again in our lifetime, so I will implore each one of you to come despite whatever might be holding you back. Life will go on but this opportunity is not going to knock on your door again. Work schedules can be changed, someone else can fill in your shoes, patients will wait, kids can miss their exams, spouses won't leave you


We in the organizing committee here are working with their heart and soul to make it an unforgettable time for all of us and for each one of us.

We have now an updated directory of more than 140 of our batchmates but many others are still under the radar or have not yet responded to our communications. It would be great if all in the loop can bring on board someone who we have not been able to reach out to or one who would do with a little encouragement to participate.

We will be posting this message on our batch WhatsApp group, Facebook page and sending individual emails to all the batch mates so that everyone gets the message one way or the other.

We would appreciate very much if at least those who are based in Delhi participate in hosting the event. We need hands and minds for pulling off this event, so all those desirous of actively contributing (this will entail attending meetings every two weeks (at least) and completing tasks assigned) may get in touch with us.

Whosoever can help bring any sponsors on board for the event may get in touch with us. We will be sharing the details of sponsorship in a separate message.

Coming to business... All batch mates have to contribute towards the events for the SIlver Jubilee Reunion. The details of the contribution, etc are jotted down in the FAQ's page.

Please read the FAQ's page for answers to all your questions about Silver Jubilee celebrations.



Detailed Programme

Silver Jubilee Celebrations December 2017

Tentative Detailed Programme for Silver Jubilee Celebrations, December 2017


Cricket match details

  17th December'17, as per details on pop-up

Click here to see the details of the cricket match, teams and related affairs.

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